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What is Arsenalytics

Arsenalytics is all about the analysis and discussions behind what Arsenal are doing, whether this be tactics, scouting or just a general idea that Arsenal are employing.

As a keen football fan and somewhat of a nerd, I am fascinated by the data side of football and how teams use this data to guide training sessions and tactical knowledge of their own players and other teams. Of course, as opposed to many other industries, the insights gained from the data are not found from A/B analysis but essentially a multivariate analysis that makes it near impossible to predict results across a whole match.

This blog will have 4 sections: A post-match analysis of each Arsenal game, the tactics and analysis of future transfers and a thought on prospective transfers and more. This blog will demonstrate my progressas I learn and develop my skills whether it be using event data or other kinds of data needing coding to produce my own graphics and deductions about Arsenal and their squad.

You can expect a post-match analysis within 1-3 days after each Premier League match as well as general discussions throughout the week.

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